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Roanoke Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Roanoke Speeding Ticket Lawyer

  • How many more driving points will I accrue?
  • Will I lose my driver's license?
  • Will I go to jail?

Questions like these are natural after a traffic citation or arrest. At Edward W. Lautenschlager - Attorney at Law, in Salem, Virginia, we defend clients throughout the Roanoke, New River and Shenandoah Valley areas against traffic charges and citations. If you have been cited for a minor or major traffic violation, our experienced attorney can answer your legal questions while providing the legal representation you need.

Our lawyer can defend your rights and interests in cases involving:

  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving (which includes any speeding ticket over 80 mph)
  • Suspended operator's license
  • Driving without an operator's license
  • Texting while driving
  • DUI
  • Open container
  • Commercial driver's license tickets
  • Out-of-state traffic tickets

Cited In Virginia? We Can Help With Your Out-Of-State Tickets!

Being arrested out-of-state can be a real ordeal. If you were cited for speeding or for another traffic infraction while visiting Virginia, our attorney can represent you without your having to return. The benefit is you can defend your rights and driving privileges without having to leave home. Roads on which our clients are frequently cited include: I-81, I-64, Route 460/Route 11, Route 220, Route 221, Route 122 and Route 311.

Limiting The Negative Consequences Of A Traffic Arrest

Edward W. Lautenschlager - Attorney at Law has represented clients in Montgomery and Roanoke counties area since 1977. One advantage of our longevity is we are highly familiar with the laws and how they are implemented by local courts.

The first thing we can do for you is to contact the local prosecuting attorney for your case to see if we can have your charge dropped or mitigated. If that isn't possible, we will represent you aggressively in local courts, where we have successfully represented clients many times before.

Don't Lose Your License Over A Traffic Citation

A traffic stop can result in losing more than some money to a fine. It can result in your being assigned demerit points by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. When this happens, your insurance rates can increase. If you accrue too many demerits, the DMV may suspend your license, requiring you to go through the costly and laborious process of license restoration.

By fighting a traffic citation, you can avoid accruing demerit points, save your driver's license and protect your ability to travel and work. From this perspective, retaining an experienced Virginia traffic citation lawyer can be a wise investment.

To discuss your options to fight a traffic charge in a free consultation, contact Edward W. Lautenschlager - Attorney at Law today.

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